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Fight United Leadership Academy
Employers and politicians use the economy as an excuse to cut workers, our paychecks, and our benefits, we need to fight back in a united way. With contracts for 35,000 members expiring, the Alameda Labor Council held its first ever Comprehensive Contract Campaign School to give union leaders and members the tools needed to develop powerful contract campaigns and organizing drives.

CWA Verizon Fight
In Support of 45,000 Verizon workers, the Alameda Labor Council partnered with CWA Local 9412, and CWA Local 9415 took it to the streets!

FAA Press Conferences
The August 2, 2011 press conference was about the FAA shutdown, resulting in the lay off of 4,000 FAA employees and halting of construction jobs impacting close to 80,000 workers nationwide.

On April 4th, 2011, more than 100 WE ARE ONE events took place across the country commemorating the assassination of Martin Luther King and protesting the anti-worker actions in states legislatures in the Midwest. In Oakland, close to 1000 workers gathered at City Hall in a spirited rally led by the Alameda Labor Council. Special guest Stephanie Bloomingdale from the Wisconsin AFL-CIO brought down the house as did public and private sector workers from across Alameda County.

Labor Brings Street Heat!
The Alameda Labor Council has been busy this December fighting for working families, a future for our youth, and a middle class under siege by big money.

2010 Political Volunteers!
From Labor Day to Election Day, our 1 Hour for Power volunteer program was a great success! We put in thousands of hours making calls and pounding the pavement for candidates who champion working families. Because of our efforts, we helped elect Jerry Brown, Barbara Boxer, and a slate of progressive local leaders.

Nurses Whitman Protest on Women's Suffrage Day
On August 26th, hundreds of nurses were joined by teachers, firefighters, iron workers, bus drivers, janitors, clerical workers, other union members as well as community members in a march in Sacramento. The event was to celebrate 90 years of women's suffrage by protesting billionaire CEO Meg Whitman's lack of voting in 28 years!

The Future Is Now Annual Awards Dinner, May 7, 2010
A warm, wonderful evening, full of great campaigns and exciting wins for working families, but with 100 more people than expected, we fell short on chairs and forks. * Senator Barbara Boxer proved why she's a top priority for re-election this fall, supporting recovery efforts, Wall Street accountability, good jobs & clean air! * Wei-Ling Huber, UNITE HERE 2850 president and our Unionist of the Year, started a hunger strike for locked-out Castlewood workers and showed us an organizing model for developing rank & file leadership. * AFSCME 3299 brought street heat - and another hunger strike – in the struggle for justice for low-wage workers at California's worst employer, the University. * IFPTE 21, Firefighters 1909 and Eugenia Gutierrez received the political action awards with flare and a commitment to the future. * NBC Electrical Workers against wage theft and the Coalition for Clean and Safe Ports demonstrated the power of labor-community coalitions. * Josie Camacho took the oath of office as Acting Executive Secretary-Treasurer as she steps up to keep building power for working families in our communities. Thanks to everyone for a great evening, and especially to those who were patient with the seating issues. We welcome your suggestions about how to do it better next year. Your generosity helped us to meet our original (pre-recession) goal, so the dinner funds a full staff person again this year. Above and beyond the call of duty thanks * IATSE 107 * Dick's Catering * SEIU 1877 Janitors * Brooke Anderson for great photos * Scott Pearson, & Debra Chaplan for great videos! * Susan McDonough, Vicki Crenshaw, all the Labor Council staff and executive committee! Our wonderful sponsors * PG&E * IFPTE 21 * IATSE 107 * AFSCME * ATU 1555 * CNA * NECA ECT * UNITE HERE * UFCW 5 * Bill Lockyer for State Treasurer * Boxer & Gerson LLP * CFT * Change to Win * Davis Cowell & Bowe * Firefighters 689 * IBEW 595 * Teamsters 853 * Operating Engineers 3 * UNITE HERE 2850 * Weinberg Roger & Rosenfeld

Jobs Rally, April 5, 2010
Oakland, APRIL 5 – Union members and community allies will take to Oakland’s streets to demand good jobs now, and accountability by big national banks that have received billions of taxpayer funds – while unemployment remains above 10%. “The AFL-CIO’s 5-point Jobs Plan will get our economy moving again,” said Executive Secretary-Treasurer Sharon Cornu. “Working families need good jobs right here. We must hold banks and big corporations accountable. Congress needs to act now!” The 5-point plan is: 1. Extend the lifeline for jobless workers, with unemployment benefits, food assistance, and COBRA health care, plus an end to foreclosures. 2. Rebuild schools, roads and energy systems by investing in green technology, transportation and energy efficiency. 3. Support state and local governments to maintain vital services 4. Put people to work doing work that needs to be done. Create good jobs in distressed communities 5. Put TARP funds to work for Main Street. The bank bailout – under the Bush and Obama administrations – helped Wall Street, not Main Street. Leftover or repaid TARP money should go to getting community banks lending again. On April 27, the Council will join the National AFL-CIO in actions at Wells Fargo’s shareholder meeting in San Francisco.

APALA, IBEW 595 support Castlewood Club Locked-out Workers
Locked out for defending family health care, members of UNITE HERE 2850 drew support from Alameda County APALA and Electrical Workers 595 on Sunday, March 21 - as Congress debated health care reform. To contribute to the Hardship Fund and assist these families fighting for health care, visit our website, choose the Community Services tab, and select Donate.

Boards and Commissions Class
Nov. 2009 - Jan. 2010: Thirty union members and community allies participated in the Labor Council's third Boards & Commissions training to recruit new leaders for local policy-making bodies. Elected leaders, academic experts, policy makers and appointees shared advice and experience with the group, whose interests range from City Human Relations Commission to statewide economic development boards. More info under Community Services tab.

Resource fair for truck drivers
Workforce Collaborative, United Way / Labor Council Community Services, and Coalition for Clean Safe Ports organized a rsource fair for Port of Oakland truck drivers displaced by their industry's refusal to plan for clean air regulations.

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